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Welcome to the workshop! On this page, you will find anything shop related. We’ll be covering limited tools, shop builds and product reviews.

Fastest drill bits for wood

Experience the fastest way to blast through wood. The Bosch Daredevil spade bits are designed to drill up to 10 times faster than a conventional bit. These bits are only meant to be used for wood applications, so please keep that in mind. If you’ve never seen these before, I’d say they are worth checking…

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Husky 9-Drawer Mobile Workbench

Over the past year, space has become a huge priority, I can’t express how much I needed this workbench. Husky 46 in. 9-Drawer Mobile Workbench is not going to save my entire shop, but it will give me a ton of space to work with. This is perfect for any workshop or mechanic enthusiasts. It’s a well-built and…

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Dremel Multi-Max MM45-05

There are so many oscillating tools on the market it’s really hard to choose. Well, the Dremel Multi-Max MM45 is straightforward and I love how easy it is to use and it delivers the performance you will need. My favorite feature on it is the quick release lock, most oscillating tools I have owned all requires a hex key. It’s usually hard to keep up with loose tools. With a 5 Amp motor, this…

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Milwaukee M18 Fuel Drill Driver Combo Kit 2997-22

This is by far the best drill drive set I ever owned, just wanted to get that out of the way first. I have a few friends that sware by Milwaukee tools. The price tag on them was one of the main reason I would look at other brands. I mean let’s face the fact all…

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Bosch GLM 50 CX 165’ Bluetooth Laser Measure

The Bosch GLM series is my go-to for measuring distance, room and wall layout. I have had the Bosch GLM 42 for quite some time and now I just got my hands on the BOSCH GLM 50 CX 165. There is a lot in common but the distance and Bluetooth range are what set them apart. You…

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Cutting has become a whole lot easier with the RYOBI ONE P592 18V Bolt Cutter.  Ideal for chains, locks, fencing, wire shelving and bolts. The hot forged steel jaws is rated for up to 200 cuts per charge when using the high Capacity Lithium+battery. Designed to minimize hand and arm fatigue that you would normally experience with…

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Makita XTR01Z Cordless Compact Router Review

I am excited about having a cordless router for the first time. I probably shouldn’t be this excited, but I’ve wanted one for such a long time and because I had 3 corded ones I was able to fight the urge. This will surely be my go-to because not having a cord is such a game changer.…

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Husky Portable Jobsite Workbench 225047

I get most of my work done in the two car garage. As time goes on I tends to accumulate more and more tools. I am a big fan of portable workbenches, in fact, this is the second one I’ve owned. This husky portable jobsite workbench has come in handy on several occasions. I like…

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Must Have Magnet Driver

I recently got my hands on this magnet driver set as a DIYer it’s super handy to have. I can’t even think of all the times I’ve had trouble keeping a screwdriver tip in the head of a screw. This magnetic driver is quite simple and easy to use. Not really a lot to it, but I’ve used these…

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DEWALT DWST14825 Deep Pro Organizer Review

The Dewalt DWST14825 deep pro organizer is built tough. With a clear lid, you can instantly locate each cup and see what’s inside. Being a part of the Dewalt pro organizer line, this means the 20 compartment and 10 compartment pro organizer could easily be stacked. With the ability to stack organizers this makes for easy…

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