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Welcome to the workshop! On this page, you will find anything shop related. We’ll be covering limited tools, shop builds and product reviews.

Making A Mini Crosscut Sled

Ever since I let my buddy use my older table saw in his shop, I’ve been meaning to remake a sled for my new one. As mentioned in the video, I have a larger sled. It’s a nice one from Rockler, the problem is it’s big and take up space when not in use. Not…

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How To Make A Crosscut Sled (Small foot print)

In most shops, space is limited. As a DIYer with multiple interests, I need everything to have its place. I wanted a crosscut sled that I can take anywhere and then store it when it’s not in use. When I designed this Crosscut Sled, I was able to use the miter gauge that came with…

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Ever had trouble with holding a piece of wood trim to the face of a subject? I’m sure many of us have been there. This clamp attachment is a cool way to fix this issue. Designed to fit a typical bar clamp, by attaching it and tightening the knob. Want to make your own?Follow the…

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