Tools I Recommend For Beginners

I made this video a couple of years ago, to cover the basic tools I believe you will need to get started with tackling your own DIY projects. As I stated in the video you can go a few ways to build up your tools collection. I am not a big fan of recommending a brand of a tool, because we will all have a different experience with them. That being said, I have a list down below in the tabs “Beginners tools” most of these are tools I own. Some of them were hard to find online, for those I found something comparable. You can use this list to help you generate your own.

Tools in my shop

Circular Saw
Drill and Driver
Table Saw 
Miter Saw
Jig Saw 
Drill Press 
Trim Router 
Plunge Router 
Portable Hand Planer 
Biscuit Joiner 

Everything else I use

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