Homemade Table Saw Plans


Tools are expensive as it is. Building this multipurpose homemade table saw is a great way to start making your woodworking projects.  All you need to get started is a circular saw, a router, and a jigsaw. These are the core tools behind this design. You can unlock a whole new world of possibilities.

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We are proud of this build and what its capabilities bring you. As a starter system, this will get the job done. The best part about this tool is its versatility, simply place your desired tool into the table, and you’re ready to go. The digital download of this plan contains dimensions using both Imperial and Metric systems. This plan contains over 20 pages of detailed instructions. There is also a video (provided below) to help guide you from start to finish.


  • Table saw
  • Router table
  • Scroll saw/ Bandsaw
  • Down Draft

Step by step video


Note: All powered tools are dangerous, so respect the tools and handle with care.

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