Easy Circular Saw Crosscut Jig (PDF Plan)


Get the most out of your circular saw by building this crosscut jig. This jig is also adjustable to fit your router.

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This Circular Saw Crosscut Jig will open up a world of possibilities in your shop. You will be able to cut at various angles with ease, safely make dados, create half-lap joints, and work with an expanded cut capacity. Although this jig will not fully replace a miter or table saw, it serves many functions that those saws provide. Additionally, with a few easy adjustments, this build can also act as a router jig. This jig is sure to make your circular saw one of the favorite tools in your shop. This is the perfect solution for a small shop.

These plans contain dual dimensions and come complete with the following:

  • Material list
  • Cutting list
  • Labeled parts
  • Easy to Follow


Step by step video:

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