Here at DIY Creators, the belief is anything is possible with the right approach. Whether you are a beginner or you have many years of experience. The goal is to inspire you to take on your very own projects. In detailed steps, we’ll show you how to create fresh and modern designs.

We’ll be sharing weekly builds. Many projects are packed with cool ideas and tricks to make you think to yourself “why haven’t I thought of that.”

Most builds are attainable with limited tools. We will cover a wide range of projects from woodworking, concrete, electronics, home repairs and much more.



Hey there, I’m Glen, the guy behind DIY Creators. While working as a security alarm technician, I had the opportunity to work in large estate homes in Florida. The craftsmanship and design inspired me to try my hand at DIY when I bought my home in 2012. I have no formal training in woodwork, but I have enjoyed learning through trail and error. My favorite materials to work with are wood, concrete and LED lights. When I got comfortable enough to share what I made I started filming my first video on my phone. I didn’t shoot my first DIY video until September 2015. Ever since then, I never looked back.


While working as an alarm technician, I worked in upscale homes. I was amazed by the craftsmanship and designs, and it inspired me to start buying tools and make things myself. I would take mental notes of techniques I saw from working craftsmen. I felt that if I bought tools and built my own furniture I’d save money in the long run.

I began working in the security system field at 18 years old. When I first started out, I was a cable tech. My job was pulling wire so the more experienced techs could wire and program the alarm system. Through persistence and hard work, I quickly moved up to a technician position, then eventually designing systems for some of the largest estate homes in Florida. I’ve lost count but from installing to designing I was involved with over 600 systems. Balancing work, home life and DIY Creators was beginning to take a toll on me, so in 2018 I decided to leave my fulltime job and pursue my passion.

If you happen to watch one of my videos, you may have heard an accent. One you cannot quite figure out. Well, here is why: I was born in Jamaica and raised in South Florida. For the most part, I lost my original accent but picked up a southern sound.

At the moment, I’m the sole member of DIY Creators.

No, but I wouldn’t mind if the opportunity arises.

Many projects took a wrong turn, I’ve been lucky and I’ve found a way to save them.

My most used tools and products are here.

I made a video covering this topic. See video



  1. Your video popped up in Youtube feed. After watching a few of your vids, Circle Saw Crosscut Jig, and Table Saw out of Circular saw, I was impressed! I’ve been doing woodwork for close to 20 years but it’s never to late to learn and I’m planning on building the Circle Saw Crosscut Jig soon!

  2. I just stumbled onto you tonight and I love your blog and your Youtube videos! I’m amazed at what you’ve learned in such a short time. Can’t wait to see more!

  3. Just discovered your YouTube channel while surfing for other stuff and had a look at one of your videos. Just had to watch a few more of your videos and I have to say that I am very impressed with your work, ideas and tips. I will continue to follow.

  4. I think you are AMAZING! You have an infectious Can Do attitude and are quite professional with your tools. Your design sense is stunning (I’m a jewelry designer). Am looking forward to seeing more of your work, next time with the sound on! Found you in Hometalk, but your link didn’t work for me and there was no way to do a thumbs up, so I tracked you down because there are not many people on earth that really impress me. Great job (it was the planter box vid I saw) and best wishes in your future!

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